The Menu

Every bit of chicken we use is from fresh skinless all-white meat breasts– never frozen and cooked daily!

    • Breakfast Sandwiches

    • Henny Penny


      Egg and American Cheese with toasted butter bagel

    • Chicken Little


      Choice of Bacon, Ham, or Sausage, with egg and American cheese on a toasted butter bagel

    • Breakfast Burrito


      Scrambled eggs, fresh spinach, avocado, mild salsa
      and cheddar cheese on a spinach wrap

    • Breakfast Specials

    • Bombay Toast

      Add bacon sausage or ham $1.50
      Add scrambled egg $1.00

      2 pcs. of white or wheat french toast garnished with
      fresh strawberry and powdered sugar served with
      butter and syrup

    • Avocado Toast


      Toasted wheat bread, fresh avocado, roasted red
      pepper, sliced tomato with scrambled egg

    • Atlantic Burger


      Center cut of smoked Atlantic salmon on Toasted open face bagel with cream cheese, sliced tomato, red onions capers and a lemon wedge

    • All Day Breakfast

    • Bagels

      see topping options

      Plain, Everything, Sesame, or Wheat

    • Bagel Options

      $1.95 butter
      $2.95 cream cheese
      $3.50 veggie or chive
      $3.95 lox
      $3.25 peanut butter

      Toasted with Butter

      Toasted with Cream Cheese

      Toasted with Veggie or Chive cream cheese

      Toasted with Lox cream cheese

      Toasted with Peanut Butter

    • Atlantic Burger


      Center cut of smoked Atlantic salmon on Toasted open face bagel with cream cheese, sliced tomato, red onions capers and a lemon wedge

    • Starters

    • Macho Nacho


      Bed of tortilla chips layered with our chicken chili, cheddar cheese, diced tomatoes , topped with sour cream and salsa.

    • Chips & Salsa

    • Warm Brie with Raspberry Jam & Candied Pecans


      Served with fresh toasted baguette slices.

    • Soups

    • White Vegetable Chicken Chili

      Bowl $5.99/Cup $3.99

      Roasted chicken, diced cauliflower, zucchini, yellow squash, green chilies & white beans, simmered all day served with shredded cheddar & sour cream.

    • Vegan Vegetable

      Bowl $5.99/Cup $3.99

      Veggie base, sautéed garlic, carrots, celery with fresh tomatoes, portabella mushrooms, and fresh spinach, simmered just right...and topped with parmesan different and so good.

    • Seasonal Soups

      Bowl $5.99/Cup $3.99

      Seasonal soups change often so please ask us!

    • Salads

    • Garden Salad


      Fresh greens, tomatoes, carrots and cucumbers topped with homemade croutons and your choice of dressing.

    • Caesar Salad

      $10.50 with chicken

      Crisp Romaine, homemade croutons, shredded parmesan, served with our famous homemade Caesar dressing! ($10.25 with chicken!)

    • Tammy's Taco Salad


      Bed of shredded iceberg covered with white veggie chicken chili topped with diced tomatoes, shredded cheddar cheese, crispy tortilla chips and a dollop of sour cream. Served with Ranch and Salsa.

    • Erick's Shredded Wedge

      $ 10.25

      Crisp shredded iceberg, topped with chopped, vine-ripened tomatoes, red onion, crumbled bacon, and our Dad's to die for homemade Blue Cheese dressing.

    • Mixed up Cobb


      Fresh Romaine covered with crumbled blue cheese, bacon, vine-ripe tomatoes, avocado, red onions, chopped eggs, topped off with freshly baked croutons served with buttermilk ranch dressing--yummy!

    • Vinny's Salad


      Fresh chopped Romaine lettuce, with diced Gouda, Candied Pecans, Granny Smith apples, served with our homemade Maple Balsamic.

    • Spinach Salad


      Fresh Baby Spinach, crumbled tostada chips, eggs, bacon,  red onion slices, sprinkled with parmesan cheese and served with our home made Lemon Basil Vinaigrette.

      Option to add shredded chicken, tuna, chicken or egg salad to any salad...$3.29

    • Sandwiches

    • The Mediterranean


      Marinated grilled chicken breast, feta cheese, lettuce, tomato, cucumber and tzatziki sauce on a spinach wrap.

    • Ruth's Tuna Salad


      All white Albacore tuna mixed with chopped celery and mayo, served on our delicious toasted multi-grain bread with tomato, red onion and shredded iceberg.

    • Uncle Russell's Egg Salad


      Chopped eggs, mayo, a touch of mustard, garlic and salt/pepper served on toasted marble rye with shredded ice-berg, red onions and sliced tomato.

    • Mix & Match


      Half a sandwich with a cup of soup or half salad of your choice.

      Upgrade to a bowl of soup for   $1.00

    • Trish the Dish's Roasted Veggie


      Roasted zucchini, yellow squash, portabella mushrooms, red peppers and red onion served on toasted Italian white bread with fresh mozzarella, romaine and a slathering of fresh pesto.

    • The Granny Turkey


      Roasted turkey, sliced Granny Smith apples, smoked Gouda and spicy mustard on toasted Italian white bread!

    • That's A Wrap


      Our Chicken Salad, roasted chicken, chopped celery, craisins, and our own secret dressing, shredded iceberg and sliced tomato in a Spinach wrap drizzled with raspberry vinaigrette dressing!

    • The Stacked Stacie


      Roasted Turkey, avocado, lettuce, red onion with spicy mustard, and our special sauce, piled high on fresh multigrain bread.

    • The Great Albert Rueben


      Pastrami, homemade sauerkraut, Swiss cheese, on toasted marble rye bread with homemade Russian dressing.

    • Jacked Up Roast Beef


      Rare lean roast beef, provolone cheese, tomato, onion and horseradish mayo, served on fresh toasted baguette!

    • The Paige & J Italian


      Genoa salami, capicola ham, provolone cheese and pepperoni served on toasted baguette spread with mayo & special sauce topped with shredded iceberg and tomato!

    • The Smasher


      Turkey on Multi-Grain with mayo barbecue Ranch, provolone, lettuce and bacon--the BBQ chips smashed right on!

    • The Hottie


      Sliced Turkey warmed with brie, served with garlic mayo, cranberry sauce and spinach on toasted baguette!

    • The Caprese


      Fresh mozzarella, ripe tomatoes, basil and fresh greens served on toasted baguette with pesto and Balsamic--it's unbelievable!

    • The J-Man


      Shredded chicken, Bacon, melted cheddar cheese with iceberg lettuce, fresh tomato served on a fresh toasted baguette with J’s special sauce.

    • The Ham Slam


      Piled high ham, cheddar cheese & Chutney served on fresh Italian white bread.

    • The Terminator


      Homemade Meatloaf on toasted baguette, with lettuce, tomato & cheddar cheese, slathered with ketchup, mayo and mustard.  

      Sandwiches served with a pickle. You may split a plate for $.50.

      Bread choices include: Baguette, Multigrain, Marble Rye and Italian White

    • For Your Kids


      Any half sandwich served with apples and tortilla chips.

      Whole toasted cheese on white bread served with apples and tortilla chips.

    • Macaroni & Cheese served with apples and tortilla chips.

    • Extras

    • A Side of Potato Salad or Cole Slaw

    • A Side of Tortellini

    • A Side of Greek Salad

    • Jumbo Cookies


      Choose from Reese's Peanut Butter or Chunky Chocolate Chip

    • Specialty Flavor Cupcakes

    • Kettle Chips

    • Fountain Sodas

    • Bottled Water

    • Bottled Teas

    • Sweet Tea

    • Coffee, Hot Tea

    • By the Pound

    • Tuna Salad / Chicken Salad

      $12.99 per lb.
    • Egg Salad

      $8.50 per lb.

Please note, prices may change without prior notification.